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    Robomail by Inter7 is email marketing software for large volume, time critical, opt-in mailing lists. Robomail provides high demand delivery, bounce message parsing, and back end database list management to offer a powerful emailing tool that personalizes each email for prompt delivery.


    “Wanted to thank you & Ken again for such a timely and excellent response to my old mail MTA crashing. Everyone here is happy, especially me (as I don’t have to worry about this one crashing!)”
    —Kevin Davidson

    Years of experience and knowledge go into the setup of each installation, and each server is customized and tested for maximum performance. Inter7 is known for providing efficient email solutions for all sizes of companies and all kinds of uses — now there is Robomail. See the results! View status reports, email verifier lists, see bounce reports, check log books, see history of documents, and much more.

    Need a place to host your server? Ask us for our short list of preferred hosts. We can recommend professional, service-oriented, reliable hosts to make sure your campaigns keep running.

  • MTA and List Management All in One

    Sophisticated Mailing Engine with Data and List Management, 24/7 Support and Daily Updates

    Campaign Management & Scheduling

    • Click Strategy
    • Rotate, Randomize, Personalize: every component of the email.
    • Real-time Reporting: track it all – opens, clicks, unsubs, complaints, FBL’s geotargeting, response times, etc. so you can mine your metrics for increased conversions.
    • Automatically limit mailings to pure GI
    • Customizable campaign rescheduling

    Extensive IP Management including IPv6 Support

    • Advanced IP pool usage customization
    • IPv6 mailing support
    • DNS generation for IPv6
    • Support for custom TXT records
    • Send through multiple IP endpoints concurrently

    Clean List Club

    • Subscribe to our internal list cleaning services with our community based resources for bad email discovery.

    Extend and Integrate: just set your server goals and send!

    • ESP style user permissions for team collaboration and reselling services
    • AdStation & OBMedia integration including CAKE API support
    • Automatic DNS generation for new domains and IP’s
    • DNS integration with AlpNames, GoDaddy, and NameCheap

    Secure Back-Ups

    • Backup data using an encrypted connection.
  • What can you expect from RoboMail?

    We have several different examples with dependencies involving hardware, bandwidth, valid recipient lists, size of email message, and number of IPs used.
    According to our throughput data on site, one RoboMail DLM Extreme Appliance can send about two million emails in one hour.


    ROBOMAIL DLM PRO ON ONE SERVER STATS 537,800 emails per hour and percentages.

    robomail stats


    ROBOMAIL XTREME ON ONE SERVER STATS 1.3 million emails per hour and percentages.

    robomail stats

    Speed isn’t everything

    “I just wanted to drop a quick thank you note to all the folks at Inter7 who have made available great utilities like vpopmail and qmailadmin. I use them pretty extensively for setting up ‘baby networks’ for local primary schools – the web interface is terrific for allowing places with no IT budget/staff to still manage their own mail. Once again, thank you for quality open source products.”
    —David Leigh

    Once upon a time, the most important feature was speed. While RoboMail is still the king of speed, today our customers are more concerned with getting their mail through and staying legally compliant. Keep it unique RoboMail offers many opportunities to dynamically personalize each message which:

    1. reduces the probability that the message is spam, and
    2. increases the relevance to the recipient.

    Therefore, painlessly enabling the sender to create targeted marketingcampaigns.

    Our staff also works closely with our customers and is kept up-to-date with the most effective targeted marketing techniques.
    CAN-SPAM is your friend The CAN-SPAM Act outlines what is acceptable email marketing.

    Here’s a rundown of the law’s main provisions from

    • It bans false or misleading header information. Your email’s “From,” “To,” and routing information — including the originating domain name and email address — must be accurate and identify the person who initiated the email.
    • It prohibits deceptive subject lines. The subject line cannot mislead the recipient about the contents or subject matter of the message.
    • It requires that your email give recipients an opt-out method. You must provide a return email address or another Internet-based response mechanism that allows a recipient to ask you not to send future email messages to that email address, and you must honor the requests. You may create a “menu” of choices to allow a recipient to opt out of certain types of messages, but you must include the option to end any commercial messages from the sender.
    • Any opt-out mechanism you offer must be able to process opt-out requests for at least 30 days after you send your commercial email. When you receive an opt-out request, the law gives you 10 business days to stop sending email to the requestor’s email address. You cannot help another entity send email to that address, or have another entity send email on your behalf to that address. Finally, it’s illegal for you to sell or transfer the email addresses of people who choose not to receive your email, even in the form of a mailing list, unless you transfer the addresses so another entity can comply with the law.
    • It requires that commercial email be identified as an advertisement and include the sender’s valid physical postal address. Your message must contain clear and conspicuous notice that the message is an advertisement or solicitation and that the recipient can opt out of receiving more commercial email from you. It also must include your valid physical postal address.

    While the ultimate burden is on the individual sender, RoboMail has always been legally compliant — and even includes dynamic unsubscribing and tracking to make following the guidelines fault tolerant and automatic. RoboMail is predefined in your installation to be CAN SPAM compliant.

  • RoboMail Requirements and Suggestions

    Required Operation System

    CentOS 5 or CentOS 6

    Suggested Hardware Specifications

    Robomail Extreme

    • 4 or 8 core CPU
    • 8 to 16 Gig RAM
    • 10 to 20 MegaBit internet connectivity
    • Central extreme should have SAS or high speed SATA drives with 64GB of storage or more
    • Extreme Clones should have 32GB hard drive or more

    Robomail DLM

    • 2 or 4 core CPU
    • 2 to 4 Gig RAM
    • 5 to 10 MegaBit internet connectivity
    • Central DLM should have SAS or high speed SATA drives with 64GB of storage or more
    • DLM Clones should have 32GB hard drive or more

    Robomail Lite

    • 1 or 2 core CPU
    • 1 or 2 Gig RAM
    • 1 to 5 MegaBit internet connectivity
    • 32G of storage or more

    Robomail Tunnel

    • 1 or 2 core CPU
    • 1 or 2 Gig RAM
    • 32GB hard drive or more

    IP and Domain Recommendations

    • 1 Domain for every 4 IPs
    • 32 IPs (request more and rotate 32 every one to two weeks)

    RoboMail Mailers perform well with standard IDE, ATA, SATA and SATAII drives. Fast hard drives like SAS or high speed SATA are recommened for the central robomail machine that runs the database.

  • RoboMail Stand Alone

    RoboMail Lite……………………….$5,950

    RoboMail DLM Pro…………………$11,900

    RoboMail Xtreme…………………..$15,900

    RoboMail Clustering Group Machines

    RoboMail DLM Enterprise………..$13,900

    RoboMail DLM Clone……………..$9,900 (DLM Enterprise Server Required)

    RoboMail Xtreme Enterprise……..$17,900

    RoboMail Xtreme Clone…………..$12,900 (Xtreme Enterprise Server Required)

    RoboMail Tunnel Machines

    1 Machine at a time………………..$1,700

    5 Machines at a time………………$7,990

    10 Machines at a time……………..$9,900

    20 Machines at a time……………..$13,900 (Unlimited)

    Annual Upgrade Fees

    RoboMail Lite……………………….$2,545.00

    RoboMail DLM Pro…………………$2,545.00

    RoboMail Xtreme…………………..$3,900.00

  • RoboMail Lite:

    RoboMail sends millions of emails at blinding speeds, but what if you don’t have millions to send?

    What if your company has a newsletter of under 100,000 addresses but you still need to get the word out?
    We have the solution to your problem. Due to customer demand, Inter7 is providing a RoboMail version for lower-volume mailing.
    RoboMail Lite has been modified for lighter demand email campaigns with full featured list management. With all the of features of our DLM Pro, RoboMail Lite is ideal for tracking the effectiveness of smaller email campaigns without paying higher prices.

  • The Inter7 and RoboMail Support Commitment to Privacy

    Your information is safe with us

    Small Business Phone Systems

    As may be probably well aware of or perhaps not; we don’t send, sell, buy, borrow, list of emails. We would never need or have any desire for any of your information or valuable customer data. It’s boils down to two main points:

    • Conflict of Interest
    • Provide better Products and Services

    A conflict of interest for us because we work with such sensitive and bleeding edge technology for our current and future robomail clients that we do not want to ever be even suspected of any improprieties.

    If you purchase software from another mailing provider, are not you competing for the same advertising space? This reason alone allows us to perform ever harder for our customers because it enables us to work with our clients freely, without prejudice on the improvements and productivity suggestions to our clients.
    Small Business Phone Systems Getting into the inbox.

    Inter7 is strictly a software products, services and support business model.

    We do however have many clients who purchase and sell data, but we keep the identities of our customer base on a strict and private relationship. We believe it’s none of anyone’s business about your business.

    So how do you go about getting introduced to this tight net community?

    Many of these customers attend email and messaging trade shows were these types of dealings or business relationships can blossom.

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