EPS Email Processor

EPS (Email Parsing System) is intended to give people the ability to write their own email processing tools. Whether you want to process incoming and outgoing emails, or just analyze a message, this package is intended to aid in that endeavor.


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Download EPS Sample Tools

Older Packages

These packages are not compatible with the current version of EPS

  • epstools-1.6.tar.gz – Sample code, and tools for EPS (Requires EPS v1.4)
  • autorespond-1.0.tar.gz – An updated autoresponder with great features that works with qmailAdmin (requires EPS v0.9 or earlier)
  • efilter-0.1.tar.gz – A sample hardcoded filter which rejects spam and viruses (not a package)
  • efilter-0.2.tar.gz – An actual package which can be used to filter spam and viruses


How we use EPS and how others use EPS

  • Tracking incoming and outgoing email messages based on threads
  • Archiving and searching against threads
  • Demographics collection via email
  • Email client
  • Create custom autoresponders
  • We even used it to parse simple LDIF files!
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