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Inter7’s expert team of software professionals provide all aspects of support for qmail. It is free, highly efficient, has excellent security and a large group of active users. 

qmail is a perfect start for small to medium sized businesses while maintaining efficient growth to scale for high availability, high volume, load balanced, clustered environments. Inter7 also builds and supports large clustered email systems for sites that have high volumes or need high availability.

The worries of using a free Internet software package can be reduced with support from our professional staff. Contact us and we can help you optimize qmail to it’s fullest abilities. 

Our prices begin at $50 for our Basic Q installation package. We offer free first time installations to educational institutions, and educational discounts for miscellaneous support. Our complete price list is available here.

Who Uses qmail?

This is a very small sample of qmail users. These businesses count on the stability and security of qmail to provide their customers with convenient, reliable email.

Yahoo!  The most recognized Internet brand globally, reaching over 237 million unique users in 25 countries and 13 languages.

NetZero ISP

Speakeasy Largest independently held ISP in USA: over 100,000 email accounts 

Pair Networks Largest managed host in the world

aruba.it Largest hosting/ISP in Italy

SailNet Sailing content site: 150 mailing lists, 50,000 subscribers, 250 pop accounts

Rediff mail Web-based mail part of Rediff portal site in India 

Qwest ISP

PayPal Online payment service

RedHat Linux software distributor uses qmail for mailing lists

Hypermart Hosts thousands of domains



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