Qmail Tap

Qmail provides the ability to make a copy of each email that flows through the system. This is done using the QUEUE_EXTRA code.

New Release version 1.1 Mon Jun 6 13:18:04 CDT 2005 This version allows for setting a different email address for each line in the taps control file. The new syntax is “email address to tap”:”Address to send the copy to”.
For example:

    The qmail tap patch adds additional functionality:

  • Specify which email addresses tap using a regex style control file. With the regex function, you can specify full domains or individual email addresses.
  • Specify which email address to send the tapped email address.
  • Qmail does not need to be restarted to change the above. Just update the taps control file.

The regex match is applied to both the to and from email addresses. So email sent to or from the addresses will be copied.

Government Regulations

This code was written to satisfy the regulatory requirements of United States Financial Institutions who need to keep archives of email.

The patch also satisfies requirements for German E-Mail Service providers by the new (Jan 05) German TR-Internet (TKÜV §11). Futher documents in German language can be found here

A Swiss Email Administrator reports that the patch also satisfies Swiss requirements.

New Control File

control/taps Contains a regex style list of addresses to tap and the email address to send the copy to, separated by a colon.

  • To tap all email and send a copy to admin@example.com add a line like:
  • To tap a whole domain and send a copy to admin@example.com add a line like:
  • To tap an individual email address and send a copy to archive@example.com add a line like:


Note: This patch includes the qregex files needed by qmail-queue for regex matches.


Download the patch.

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