SimScan is a simple program that enables the qmail smtpd service to reject viruses, spam, and block attachments during the SMTP conversation so the processing load on the email system is kept to a minimum. The project is open source and uses other open source components. Small, very efficient and written in C.



Simscan now available on Source Forge – November 1, 2007 The simscan development team is now using the helpful services at source forge to maintain download files and manage new versions using the version control system.

New Production Version 1.4.0 Released – October 29, 2007 Download lastest 1.4.0 production version here. Version 1.4.0 is a very well tested production version that adds support for DSPAM.


  • Runs as a separate program under a separate user than any other qmail program to limit possible security problems.
  • clamav virus scanning ( –enable-clamav (default yes ) ). Rejects email containing viruses.
  • trophie/TrendMicro virus scanning.
  • support for spamassassin 3.0 and 2.6 series.
  • support for DSpam
  • spamassassin scanning ( –enable-spam (default no ) ). Rejects email that has X-Spam-Flag: YES set.
  • spamassassin hit level rejection ( –enable-spam-hits (default 10.0 ) ). Requires –enable-spam to be enabled. Allows for rejection of email above a certain hit count. All other email is passed through with spamassassin headers and changes.
  • attachment blocking ( –enable-attach (default no ) ). Blocks emails with attachments listed in a control file.
  • fine grained control of clamav/trophie/spamassassin/attachment blocking per user/per domain/per system. ( –enable-per-domain (default no))
  • logging of virus name, IP and to/from addresses to smtpd log file when a virus is detected.
  • configuration option to set custom spamc arugments –enable-spamc-args
  • configuration option to add -u user@domain argument to spamc –enable-spamc-user
  • received header which includes virus scanner and spamassassin version information


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