qmailmrtg7 uses qmail’s excellent and extensive logging via multilogtcpserver and qmail-send. qmailmrtg7 takes the pop3 smtp and qmail transaction logs and sends them to 9 different mrtg graphs, each graph with 4 historical time series.



New Features in v.4.2

  • Bug fix for tai64 processing on 64 bit machines
  • Support for graphing dnscache activity
  • Support for graphing tinydns activity

New Features in v.4.0

  • clamav virus and spamassassin graphs
  • pop3/ssl and smtp/ssl graphs

General Features

  • very fast – typically processes in less than 2 seconds
  • Intelligently uses the multilog file name time stamp to determine which logs to open and process.
  • Single small C program with no external dependances and simple command line options. See the qmail.mrtg.cfg for working examples of the options.
  • Works on any system that supports qmail

Graphs of Qmail Transaction Log

  • Message deliveries and attempts
  • Bytes transfered
  • currency of remote and local deliveries
  • queue size of messages and unprocessed mesages
  • message status of successful and unsuccessful message deliveries

Graphs for pop3 and smtp with tcpserver

  • Total connections
  • Max concurrency



  • Read the INSTALL file for quick directions on installing the source code into production.
  • The FAQ has a few answers to questions.
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