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RoboMail is email marketing software for large volume, time critical, opt-in mailing lists.


OpenEFilter will keep your inbox clean, your computer safe, and spam at a minimum — all with open source software.


Simplify your email server administration with SugarBox. This all-in-one server solution uses one simple, form-based web interface to make setup and management of accounts a snap.

Global Address Book

Global Address Book allows you to have a central repository for company addressing information so you don’t have to distribute ecards to the entire organization.

Production GPL Version Software


Autoresponder add on package by Brad Dameron. Download


courier-imap is an excellent IMAP server. It is also compatible with vpopmail. Download


daemontools is a collection of tools for managing UNIX services. supervise monitors a service. It starts the service and restarts the service if it dies. Setting up a new service is easy: all supervise needs is a directory with a run script that runs the service. multilog saves error messages to one or more logs. It optionally time-stamps each line and, for each log, includes or excludes lines matching specified patterns. It automatically rotates logs to limit the amount of disk space used. If the disk fills up, it pauses and tries again, without losing any data. Download


DnsAdmin provides help for people administering dns servers. There are several features it current supports. It can automatically parse and load bind named.conf and zone files into a mysql database. A program which will create djbdns/tinydns data files from the database and a program that will create bind named.conf and zone files from the same database. A beginning web control panel for managing the mysql data is also available. Download


EPS stands for Email Parsing System. The base libraries provide easy to use C functions to parse email headers and content into structures. A sample program shows how to use these functions to create an email filtering system to reject Microsoft viri and some spams. Download


ezmlm is a functional mailing list manager. Download


LinkCheck is a command line and cgi program that will check a web site for bad links and download times. It automates checking of an entire web site for broken links. It produces a report that web designers and administrators can use to fix the broken links. Download


qmailadmin is a web based adminitration interface to manage virtual email domains created with vpopmail. It is designed to be simple enough that a normal computer user could administrate their own email domain. Allows for management of: users, aliases, forwards, autoresponders and mailing lists. Download


qmailmrtg7 uses qmail’s excellent and extensive logging via multilog, tcpserver and qmail-send. qmailmrtg7 takes the pop3 smtp and qmail transaction logs and sends them to 9 different mrtg graphs, each graph with 4 historical time series. Download

qmail-tap patch

Adds control files for specifying which emails to tap using regex matches and where to send the copy of the emails. Download


A simple program to scan mail for viruses or spam using qmail (with the qmail-queue patch), clamav and spamassassin. Can block attachments. Small and very efficent, written in C. The development version supports enable/disable of virus scanning per domain. Download


A developing PHP/Smarty control panel that solves the php permissions problem using the vpopmail daemon. It provides a plugin architecture so developers can write their own modules. System administrators will be able to pick which modules they want to include. For example if you are hosting web, email, and dns you might want to use the Qmail, Apache and DJBdns modules. Download


sqwebmail is a web based email client, similar to hotmail. It is extremely efficient and the html is configurable. It is compatible with vpopmail. Download

ucspi-tcp with ssl and pid patches

tcpserver and tcpclient conform to UCSPI, the UNIX Client-Server Program Interface, using the TCP protocol. UCSPI tools are available for several different networks. tcpserver and tcpclient are easy-to-use command-line tools for building TCP client-server applications. tcpserver waits for incoming connections and, for each connection, runs a program of your choice. Your program receives environment variables showing the local and remote host names, IP addresses, and port numbers. This patched version (not the original Dan Bernstien code) includes a patch to support ssl connections and a patch to write the pid to a file. We use the pid patch in conjunction with standard init scripts to control which tcpserver programs to kill. Download


vpopmail supports virtual email domains. Supports MySQL, Replicated MySQL for large clusters, LDAP, Oracle, cdb hash files, millions of domains and millions of users. Provides script-able command line programs and simple API for management all domain tasks. vpopmail has a very active and supportive world wide GPL community. Download


A web control panel for tech support and system admin personnel to manage vpopmail virtual email domains. vqadmin usrs apache access control so many support personal log in at the same time. Download 


A new web-based email signup program which replaces vqsignup. It supports storing signup information in a mysql database. Download


vqsignup is a web based email signup program that is compatible with vpopmail. If you have a virtual email domain and you want to allow people to signup for their own email accounts, then vqsignup is the program you are looking for. Download


WebReport reads standard web logs and creates reports on site usage. It can be configured to check a long list of virtual domains. A copy of the report can be placed on the web site and also emailed to people. Download

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