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Quantity License Description Pricing
RoboMail Lite 1yr $5,950 each
RoboMail DLM Pro 1yr $11,900 each
RoboMail Xtreme 1yr $15,900 each

RoboMail Clustering

Quantity License Description Pricing
RoboMail DLM Pro Clone 1yr $7,900 each
RoboMail Xtreme Clone 1yr $13,900 each
RoboMail Tunnels
Quantity RoboMail Tunnels Pricing
RoboMailTunnel $1,700 each
RoboMail Tunnel 5 pack $7,900 each
RoboMail Tunnel 10 pack $9,900 each
RoboMail Tunnel 20 pack (unlimited) $13,900 each
 Annual Renewal Licenses
Quantity Renewal Fees Pricing
RoboMail Lite 1yr $885 each
RoboMail DLM Pro / DLM Clone 1yr $2,545 each
RoboMail Enterprise 1yr $3,320 each
RoboMail Extreme / Extreme Clone / Extreme Enterprise $3,920 each
Payment Options

One time charge Yes, Charge my CC the Full Amount.
Bill me on a monthly payment plan until I have paid for my software license(s) in full. Payment Plan Please.

Additional Information

  • You get free upgrades for an entire year when purchasing new or a renewal date.
  • RoboMail software is licensed per server and cannot be copied to additional servers without payment
  • The license includes 12 months of free upgrades. Re-installation of RoboMail license on another machines is a flat rate of $250 per occurrence.
  • It is not required, but recommended to purchase upgrade license to continue using the latest RoboMail software packages. See latest features

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Support Payment Policy: Inter7 support services are based on an hourly rate of $180/hour during business hours and $225/hour during off hours.
Renewal fees are due every twelve months for “Upgrade Protection” to receive upgrades and continue to receive support from Inter7.
When selecting the installment option,you agree that this is a lease-to-own agreement and that all payments are rental fees until paid in full.
Cancellation Policy: There are no refunds after the initial, two week training period.

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